Principal's Message

For the upbringing of each and every child, it is imperative to have mutual understanding of the pupil, the parents and the teachers of the school where the child is admitted. For the child who is full of energy and talent the role of parents is all the more important. We have to direct and channelize his/her energy in the right direction and for that the student's diary plays an important role.
Please see that the child brings his/her diary regularly to the school and where there is any note from the teacher/principal in it. If you feel the need to communicate with the teachers do make a note in the diary for the teacher concerned. Home and school are equally important centres of education and character building.
Here in the school we will make every effort to bring out the innate talents in them. As a parent you should find at least half an hour a day, to talk to the child about the activities in the school. The child should feel free to express his/her feelings.
It is our vision to become a centre of excellence of learning, unique in experience, value based in approach and pioneering in our efforts for enriching and fulfilling life.
So let us work together in bringing up the child by mutual trust and co-operation and maintain our continuous trust on quality education. With best wishes and warm regards.
Yours sincerely

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